Fleurs de Roumanie, Parfumuri Naturale din Iubire pentru Natură
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Trends in 2017. Greenery or The GreenScent.

2017 How to wear the #GreenScent #Greenery #NaturalParfume
For a #greenperfume transports us into a world of flowers and plants, the realm of the pastoral, the idyll of the fete champetre. To many people a green fragrance is what they really mean when they talk of a ‘natural’ perfume; a thing of air and fields, the morning smell of a well-stocked florists’ shop.
There can be no doubt of it: #greenscents are #back – and leading the pack. Indeed, contrary to rumour, they never went away but merely sank back like fainting dryads into the groves and thickets, while more ostentatious fragrances filled the air. You don’t have to be synaesthesic to appreciate a green scent, a term I’m using here¤ to describe any perfume which exhales a sense of leafy freshness, tender buds, new grass, rainy air, country lanes: “…praise for the sweetness/ Of the wet garden”¤¤. The first cousins of the greens are the fougeres which are the evocation of ferny woodland, aromatic heath and moor. Kissing cousins are the city-dwelling chypres which owe their special magic to – amongst other things – the now controversial oak moss. But chypres have a far more sophisticated, knowing, glossy aura. Chypres are experienced; greens are naïve. #ypa #yourpersonalaroma #naturalperfume #parfumnatural#fiinaturalfiiautentic

Fleurs de Roumanie by Your Personal Aroma

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