YPA Romanian Spring Extasia Portable Collection: Home of Dear Lily
Set de aromaterapie orientala cu carbuni arabesti parfumati (oudh,santal, smirna, tamaie, rose damasc)
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YPA Romanian Spring Extasia Collection: Marturii florale/ Wedding gifts

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Marturii Florale/ Wedding Gifts

Portable Perfume Essence

Marturii Florale/ Wedding Gifts x 100buc

Portable Perfume Essence, Perfume Hearts

The essence reminding of home

Contains Dear Lily scent. Its sweet fragrance awakens the mood for tender gestures of two lovers. Main notes: white lily of Romania, honeyquat, lemon, musk, chamomile, bergamot, lemongrass.

2ml perfume heats

Minimum order qty: 100pcs