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YPA Romanian Spring Extasia Portable Collection: Magnolia, my love

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Magnolia, my  love 

Perfume Essence

Magnolia, my love 

Perfume Essence/ Sticluta purtabila cu pompita

The inspiring perfume of the absolute diva

The powerful Classic Cerebral is the classy inspiring perfume of the absolute diva, the child, the mother and the lover all in one. The absolute woman is wearing a feminine, but woody and spicy scent. Top notes Romanian magnolia,  ylang ylang, green mandarin middle notes clove and afrodisiac pink pepper and base notes lavender, ambra and lotus.

Un parfum plin de inspiratie pentru diva absoluta

Un parfum clasic cerebral puternic este un parfum inspirational pentru diva absoluta, mama, iubita, copila, toate intr-o singura femeie. Femeia absoluta poata un parfum feminin puternic,  lemnos si aromat. Note de top: magnolie din Romania, ylang ylang,mandarin verde, note de mijloc cuisoare si piper roz afrodisiac, note de baza lavanda, ambra si lotus.


Limited Editions 20pcs