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No. 5 Palais du Bengale Man


Disponibil pentru precomandă

Palais du Bengale, parfumul No5 din colectia YPA este parfumul personalitatilor complexe, intelectuale si mature, in varianta feminina si masculina. Contine ingredientul regal din Indii: magnolia champaca, un mijloc fructat si aromat de mandarin verde si o baza de mosc ambrette organic.


The intellectual perfume of the absolute master

The Classic Cerebral is the classy intellectual perfume of the absolute master, the child, the father and the lover all in one. The complete man is wearing a fresh, but woody and spicy scent. Top notes magnolia, osmanthus, green mandarin, middle notes patchouli, clove and pepper and base notes clove, oakmoss and ambra.