Green Village 4*. Resortul dintre Dunare si Mare cu parfum de nuferi.
Sensorial Discovery Trip: Nufarul din Sfantu Gheorghe,Delta Dunarii 16-18iunie 2019
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Lost and Found in God’s Own Country Kerala in south India, the land of AYURVEDA (the science of life)

Sometimes we hope for a lifetime for the magic to happen. And then we stop hoping and we start living.

That teached me Ayurveda that I learned in God’s Own Country , Kerala, in southern India. The Land where Ayurveda (tr. science of life) started from, from mount Ponmudi, the holy mountain. The ayur principles are based on the harmony of man with the Universe Viraj, connecting through all its 5 senses to nature elements: water, fire, earth, air and ether/wind. When one of these elements is missing, men are lacking life balance. The Ayourvedic universe is about body-mind-spirit and going back to nature. Nature is healing and nature is holy life from God.

Kerala is green to its soul and smells divine, like everywhere you go and every house you enter is the Temple of God. The attars are divine temple scents with the magic Tulsi- holy basil, sandalwood base and Kerala flowers (marigold, jasmine sambac, hibiscus, frangipani, jannat, black star, magnolia champacca, shiva flower). It feels a good energy depicted like from the old vedic phylosophy and Upanishads.

Life is from God and Love is a holy temple.

One cannot leave Kerala without a visit yo Munnar , land of best spices and green tea in the world.

A last visit to Allepey, la land of backwaters is like visiting Romanian Danube Delta, the second biggest natural reservation after Bangladesh. The area is famous for its houseboats in different design where you can overnight and event have a local fish dinner with local red snapper, crabs, prawns and local fish in bamboo leaf and with Indian spices.


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