No.4 YPA Sapphire Collection – Chere Jardin Man
No.2 YPA Sapphire Collection – Oudh en Moksha Man
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No.3 YPA Sapphire Collection – Bois de Vetiver Man

483 lei


Bois de Vetiver Sapphire Collection, parfumul glam No3 in colectia de parfumuri organice personalizate YPA, abunda in note cypre de vetiver, patchouli, labdanum, guaiac, cu note de mijloc de miere, vanilie, cardamon si tonka, iar in varf note suave de frezie. Parfumul vine intr-o sticla unicat de culoarea safirului lucrata manual si gravata.
Este parfumul personalitatii rebele creative, disponibil in varianta feminina si masculina.
50ml 599lei

30ml 350lei

The perfume of eternal independence


The Rebel Creative is the perfume of eternal independence, a fresh and powerful fragrance for the modern man breaking barriers and opening new frontiers with her woody, cypre and fresh aroma. Main notes: freesia, clove, tonka, heliotrop, guaiac, labdanum and vetiver.