Lost and Found in God’s Own Country Kerala in south India, the land of AYURVEDA (the science of life)

Sometimes we hope for a lifetime for the magic to happen. And then we stop hoping and we start living. That teached me Ayurveda that I […]

Green Village 4*. Resortul dintre Dunare si Mare cu parfum de nuferi.

Se anunta un week-end de aprilie mai mult ploios cand am primit invitatia de a vizita un loc unic si exotic de vacanta in Delta Dunarii, […]

La 3 ani de YPA am lansat YPA Sensorial Transformational Lifestyle Academy STBA

YPA Transformational Lifestyle Talks #1. Love & Relationships. Smell/Love/Taste. Anul acesta, la 3 ani ani de YPA, in completarea portofoliului de parfumuri personale si de ambient, […]

In 2019 voi fi expertul tau in parfumerie, branding personal multisenzorial si wellbeing profesional la Cosmobeauty

In 2019, voi incepe o colaborare in calitate de expert in parfumerie, branding prsonal multisenzorial si lifestyle transformational cu solutii profesionale cu #Cosmobeauty, cel mai mare […]